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The surroundings


Valle de Lecrín is located at the bottom of Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a vast mountain area crowned by the Mulhacén (3479 m) and the Veleta (3396 m). It’s a place with great diversity of landscapes due to the extensive range of climates that take place in this pronounced topography.
It may be the only place in the world where this combination of cultures can be found – green hues clashing with the flashy colors of citric fruits.

Discover unique, incomparable spots, visit a vast and important heritage with old Moorish fortresses or Mudéjar-style churches, or enjoy some peace and quiet… All of this in Valle de Lecrín. And if you’re looking for something else, you can always try some leisure activities.


La Alpujarra of Granada, the southern slope of Sierra Nevada, is situated just about 17 km of Dúrcal. It’s known by the richness of its landscapes, its gastronomy, and its natural heritage, as well as the diversity and excellence of its healing waters. The contrast of its beautiful scenery, the structure of its towns and the kindness of its locals along with a past full of history that is still connected to the Muslim culture make La Alpujarra a very special place for tourism.

The architecture of its towns, especially those enclaved in the Barranco del Poqueira, never fails to impress our visitors. Towns with narrow, twisted, steep streets that are adapted to potential snowfalls. The terraos –flat rooftops– and the tinaos –unique balconies full of flowerpots that invade the public space– stand out in this territory, the Pampaneira ones being the most popular.

La Alpujarra is a must-visit for travelers and tourists because of its arts and crafts –known by its antique looms– and the gastronomy, based on wine, cheese, serrano ham and cold cuts such as the famous plato alpujareño.


Granada is one of the gems of Spain. It’s one of the most visited places by travelers and tourists all over the world. Once and for a long time capital of Al Andalus, it features some of the most important memories of this historical time in Spain – world-renowned Alhambra being the main cultural treasure.

Wander through its dreamy gardens, get lost in its picturesque narrow alleys full of flowers in the famous Albayzín neighborhood, take a seat in one of the typical bars and try the famous jamón de Trévelez along with some wine from the region… These are only some of the incredible experiences visitors can do in Granada that will be remembered forevermore.

Climbing up to the Sacromonte and go to a flamenco show in one of the famous gypsy caves will be another lasting memory if you choose to do so.


If you wish to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach and the wonderful sub-tropical weather, you will find warm Mediterranean waters just 20 minutes away from Dúrcal. Dreamlike beaches and small bays where you can get a taste of the delicious pescaíto and the savory, exotic tropical fruits of the area. And let’s not forget – the Tropical Coast is a paradise for those who love watersports, especially scuba diving!

Sierra nevada

One of the most important ski stations in Europe, Sierra Nevada is only 45 minutes away from La Casa de Almócita. Sierra Nevada National Park, a Biosphere Reserve, has the highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula (the Mulhacen at 3479 meters and the Veleta at 3396 meters).
Other than the renowned ski station, which is the perfect destination for snow lovers, there are many other leisure options in Sierra Nevada.

Thanks to its privileged location, the weather at the ski and mountain station of Sierra Nevada is flawless while one practices sports or observes the nature. Europe’s southernmost ski station offers visitors excellent snow facilities with over 100 km of slopes suitable for skiing.

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